Reserved spaces for your VINTAGE CAR

An indoor space to preserve and shield your car at its best.

CHARMINGHOMES provides in Switzerland the exclusive service of garages for parking cars and motorcycles, both vintage and modern, to allow their preservation in the best conditions, and to be able to use them in complete autonomy.

Reserved spaces for your Automobile

All cars are precious; keep them safely in an indoor space.


If you are a collector of vintage cars, you will probably agree with the statement that you would go all over the world to include a certain car in your collection.

Every classic Automobile is unique and has its own history, it is not only an investment but a dream comes true which must be protected. CHARMINGHOMES provides spaces for every need, both guarded or not, to protect your car from damage caused by third parties and bad weather.

for you Vehicles

CHARMINGHOMES selects garages in strategic areas of Switzerland, indoor locations where you can park your vehicle in confidence and protect it from any unexpected events. Check out our spaces for your automobiles.

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