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CHARMINGHOMES provides you with a highly qualified staff, available 365 days a year, who will be able to rent your property to a carefully selected and reliable clientele.

We take care of your home.

We will find the most suitable tenants for you, your property is important to us.

You are looking to rent YOUR PROPERTY?

Avoid the looming of a vacant house, entrust your property to CHARMINGHOMES.

Renting your home to third parties is never easy, so many doubts and fears can make you thinking too long, better to rely on an expert, avoiding the costs of a vacant property or leaving it in the wrong hands.

  • We highlight your property with suitable photos.
  • We provide visibility to your listings on our site and Social Medias.
  • We carefully select a reliable clientele to whom to rent.
  • We shorten the time it takes to find a tenant.
  • We offer continuous assistance between the owner and the tenant.


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